Black Forest Escapes

Welcome adventurers! Here’s what you can expect when you take one of our escape room challenges.

Your team's adventure begins after a short briefing and being introduced to your gamemaster. Your story will then unfold, played out in a real life room.

Larger groups of up to 12 players are more than welcome, by playing in multiple rooms at the same time in duel mode, just let us know at the time of booking.

In the game, by working as a team you will discover and combine hidden clues, solve tricky puzzles and put your skills to the test.

original games and puzzles


Look around, search through the room, turn everything on its head and check if important clues or resources are to be found. Your curiosity will, without a doubt, be rewarded and will set you on the right track...


This is where teamwork comes in. Share and exchange information you have found, make notes and coordinate yourselves as a team. Sometimes, the correct “solution” can only be provided by your teammates. The better you work together as a team, the faster you will find yourselves moving towards making your escape.


Well thought out ideas are only half the story, Now its time to crack those puzzles and expose the hidden secrets of the room by logically using what you have collected. Can you think outside the box or is the obvious solution the correct one? Brains and logical thinking are required, with the help of hidden clues and the story of the room, to draw the right conclusion...

Time Goes So Quickly...

Your 60 minutes run out even faster than you could think possible. As the seconds pass by, do not hesitate, work well as a team and overcome all obstacles in your path and within just 60 minutes! If you should get a little lost, our Gamemasters will help to get you back on track.


Your team has just 60 minutes to solve all puzzles and open the final lock.

2 to 4 PLAYERS

€60 Per Team


€70 Per Team


€80 Per Team

Please Note: Game requires 2 to 6 players per team & minimum 1 team members MUST be 18+