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Black Forest Escapes brings you a real-life escape game experience where teams of up to six players race against time to escape from a locked room, using only common sense, logic and the power of teamwork.


Solve puzzles, find clues and break codes to make your escape.

You enter your chosen game room and the clock begins its countdown. You’ve got just one hour to work out what is in here, and how it can help you escape, the only thing you know for sure is that the clock won’t stop ticking, no matter how long it takes you to piece together the mystery!

Hidden objects to find, codes to crack, practical puzzles to solve and more. Will your team escape in time?

We develop all our own puzzles and challenges and our games are 100 percent original.

original games and puzzles


A fun and challenging game with something for everyone

Friends & Families

A fun and exciting way to spend time with friends and family. Black Forest Escapes is full of adventure and surprises. An interesting way of enjoying quality time with your loved ones.


Looking for team building or corporate entertainment for your company? We have the answer. Packed full of creative & problem solving challenges, our games are a fresh & fun choice.

School Groups

A modern idea for groups of Students or Club Days out
Our games require teamwork, logical thinking, problem solving and brings everyone together chasing the same goal.

Special Occasions

A fantastic gift idea for birthday’s, Christmas, Special Occasions, Hen Parties or those ‘hard to buy for’ friends and family members! Gift vouchers are available, please contact us for details.

Groups Of More Than 6 Players Can Play Against Each Other In "Duel" Mode - Please Call Us For Details


Enter one of our themed escape rooms, find and combine hidden clues to solve challenging puzzles.

Work together as a team and enjoy one of the worlds latest recreational trends, the Live Escape Room!


60 minutes and the clock is ticking...

The Latest Recreational Activity For Fun With Friends, Family and Colleagues


Here are answers to a few common questions...

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms, sometimes known as Exit rooms, are a relatively new type of entertainment that combine puzzle solving and storytelling in a live immersive environment.

If you’ve ever played a video game in which you had to find clues and solve puzzles to advance through the game scenario, escape rooms are like live versions of those, in which you can touch and manipulate everything around you.

Playing escape rooms will help you improve your critical thinking and problem solving abilities. They’re also great opportunities to practice your teamwork and communication skills. Most importantly, though, they’re great fun!

Who can play this game?

Our games are suitable for everyone, Black Forest Escapes is a fun game for all ages, although children under the age of around 10 years might find it too challenging and confusing.

The game requires a minimum of 2 players and a minimum of 1 team members MUST be 18+. There is no upper limit on age, there are no challenging physical aspects to the game and no fear factors.

What should we expect during our escape room experience?

Our escape room experience offers great opportunities to practice your teamwork and communication skills. Most importantly though, they’re fun!

The whole experience will last around 90 minutes. You will spend 60 minutes in the room (the maximum time allowed for the game), however, a short briefing will be made before the game and we would love if, after your escape, you could share your experience with us while we take your photo.

Please arrive around 15 minutes before the scheduled time for your booking. In case you are running late, please get in touch.

The rules of the game are few and simple. When booking, you agree to these rules, so read them carefully before you proceed!

Search and share everything!

You will have 60 minutes to solve all puzzles and open the final lock and you cannot succeed alone. Teamwork is essential to escape in time. If you find a clue, a combination or a key, let everybody know.

Don’t put anything in your pockets! People tend to forget about those things and it would be a foolish way to fail because of this. There are different puzzles inside for people with different talents. Find the ones you are good at, or if you get stuck with one find someone to help you! You are a team and must act like one to succeed with time to spare.

Nothing important is out of your reach, or if it is, you have to figure out another way to get it.

There is some equipment such as cameras, monitors and wiring which are not part of the game.

If you interfere with any such equipment , your team could get a 5 minute penalty.

Use it and lose it!

Every combination and key can be used only once. If you open a lock, leave the key inside so you know you used it and you won’t waste more precious time with it.

No outside objects, cellphones, cameras or other electronic equipment are allowed in the game area, you have to leave those in the provided lockers outside the game.

Using such equipment could ruin the fun for you and your team as well as others who might want to play with us later.

You can lock up all your belongings in the lobby – it is safe, secure and never left unattended. We do not take responsibility for any equipment or personal items lost or damaged in the game area.

Above all, Have Fun!

How difficult is it to escape in time?

Our rooms vary significantly in terms of content and visual design and the puzzles and tasks are different, the difficulty level of our rooms vary and a difficulty guide is given on our website. Naturally, some teams find the challenges easier than others and as such, your ability to escape in 60 minutes depends on your team.

What happens if our team can't escape in 60 minutes?

You are locked in and must stay there for eternity… No, only joking!!

Seriously, there are no losers at Black Forest Escapes, if your team cannot escape within 60 minutes our gamemasters will release you and wish you better luck next time. 

What should I bring with me?

You will not need any outside items to play your escape game. We require players to put their personal belongings in a locker before entering the game room, so it’s better not to bring anything you don’t absolutely need.

Do we have to wear special costumes to play the game?

No, our escape rooms are a fun, relaxed form of entertainment, so you don’t need to dress up.

However, you will be moving around a lot so it’s a good idea to wear something comfortable that gives you a wide range of motion in order to move comfortably and fast during the game.

Will it be safe during the game?

Yes. We have made the game area as safe as possible. If something looks or feels unsafe or dangerous, don’t do it!

There is no heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, jumping, climbing, running or somersaulting are necessary for the game, therefore these are forbidden.

You do not have to force anything to open; in case something is not working as it should, we will let you know. Participating in the game means you are responsible for your own health and safety while you are here.

In addition to this, one of our gamemasters will constantly monitor your game via remote cameras, giving us live feeds with audio from various viewpoints within the game.

In the unlikely event of an emergency during your game our trained team will immediately remove you from the game room and lead you to safety.

What time should we arrive for our booked game?

The whole experience will last around 90 minutes.

Your team will spend 60 minutes in the room (the maximum time allowed for the game), however, a short briefing will be made before the game and we would love if, after your escape, you could share your experience with us while we take your photo.

We therefore ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your booked time slot.

What if we get stuck and can't work out what to do next?

Escape games are meant to be challenging, so don’t give up too quickly!

If you really do get stuck, our experienced gamemaster will recognise this.

You won’t be given the solution to a puzzle, but generally the gamemaster will point you in the right direction.

Regardless of how stuck you get, don’t worry, you will be let out of the room at the end of your game.


To escape our rooms your team will need to work together and look at things from a different angle.

Ordinary objects may suddenly become an important part of the puzzle.


Your team has just 60 minutes to solve all puzzles and open the final lock.

2 to 4 PLAYERS

€60 Per Team


€70 Per Team


€80 Per Team

Please Note: Game requires 2 to 6 players per team & minimum 1 team members MUST be 18+


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